Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alternative Uses For T-shirts

Let’s talk T-shirt! Grab a cup of java and join us for some t-shirt fun.

Collect those time-worn, faded or special t-shirts from your closet and rescue them from becoming a rag bag victim by exploring alternative uses for your t-shirts that will knock your socks off!

Betcha’ thought the only thing you could do with a t-shirt was wear it with your favorite jeans or shorts. Nope, you’re wrong! Don’t ya’ just hate being wrong? I sure do! Well, when we’re done with ya’, you’re not only going to have the straight skinny on how to extend the life of those favorite t-shirts … but also be admired by friends and family for your creativeness. So let’s get to work!

Dream sweet dreams on your favorite t-shirt pillow. That’s right, you can turn those old or out-grown t-shirts into fantastic pillows for any room of home. Children love having their favorite t-shirts turned into bedroom pillows because it allows them to hang on to those special t-shirts that they love. For instructions to create your own t-shirt pillow, we have provided a link to help you with the easy process.

T-shirt Pillow Instructions

Become a fashion Diva in a t-shirt dress that you created! Grab that favorite t-shirt hanging in your closet and run to the fabric store to find some coordinating fabric to create a delightful and comfortable t-shirt dress for you or that little girl. Find some great instructions for creating a t-shirt dress at the following link:

T-shirt Dress Instructions

My personal favorite alternative use for t-shirts are t-shirt quilts. I love them because they are bright and colorful and can record your life by the special t-shirts you’ve collected. If you want to create a special gift for your children, a t-shirt quilt of their favorite t-shirts will not only keep them warm but will also warm their hearts. For more on t-shirt quilts we offer the following link:

T-shirt Quilts

Did you know you can turn that infant onesie … creeper … bodysuit, whatever term you use, into a gorgeous little dress for any little girl? You sure can and they are adorable! Just take a gander at the cute little baby dress created from an infant’s onesie in this link:

Infant Bodysuit Dress

It’s break time! Set back and sip that java and view this remarkable video demonstrating all the great dresses you can create from a single t-shirt.

T-shirt Video

Megan Nicolay's new book "Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt" offers a collection of stylish ideas to help convert the ubiquitous T-shirt into a personal statement.

Nicolay, who learned to sew from her mother, a professional clothing designer, shows how to turn ordinary shirts into trendy clothing and more - a basic tote bag, leg warmers, drawstring purse and pillows, just to name a few - with ample illustrations, clear diagrams and suggested pattern variations. She also provides a wealth of "Tee Trivia" - did you know that "the T-shirt was originally worn as men's underwear. Not until the 1970s was the T-shirt allowed as outerwear in schools."

Check out the T-shirt Makeovers by Megan Nicolay in the following link:

T-shirt Makeovers

You can never have too many tote bags! Create a personalized version of a tote bag with your favorite t-shirt and tote those personal items in style! For more information on how to create a T-shirt Tote Bag, check out the following link:

T-shirt Tote Bag Instructions

Now, take a deep breath as this t-shirt recycling idea will knock the wind outta ya’! Did you know that you can create underwear from t-shirts? Uh-huh, it took me by surprise too! Get the skinny on turning outerwear into underwear at the following link:

T-shirt Underwear

Decorate your home or office with framed t-shirt art! Yep, you can turn that special t-shirt into a beautiful piece of art and preserve that memory of a special event or an accomplishment for a lifetime. I’ve provided you with two links to explore the process of framing t-shirts as it can be accomplished in many ways.

Framing T-shirts

Frame A T-shirt

It’s time to let ya’ rest and think about all the creative alternative uses for the t-shirts hanging in the closet. But, be warned … we’ve got a whole filing cabinet full of great alternative uses for products that we will be sending your way. So don’t forget to bookmark us! Until next time …

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ornaments or Keepsakes

I use mine as fan pulls and I have another hanging from my rear view mirror in my car.

They can also be used as part of the gift wrapping of a gift. If you wanted to, you could get a paint pen and use it as a To: and From: tag and date it.

Using Tiles Outdoors

All you need is to purchase some sealer at your local craft supply store. Be sure it is for outdoor use and is non-yellowing.

Your coats should be light and you should do several (drying between each) making sure to cover all exposed portions of the tile. These should last a very long time and if you happen to notice any fading do more sealing.

This technique works on all surfaces that have been printed or painted (wood, metal, tile, glass, etc).

Another tip, if you'd like to use the tile on the floor or on the counter (grouting it in) use the same technique. The sealer will be tough enough to protect the tile and choose your gloss or matte finish to match what you already have on the surface.